How It works?


     The first step is the easiest! Feel free to contact us over phone, email, or by simply coming to our facility​​ where we can show you around the center and show you the settings that the therapies take place in. Our first consultation is free (usually all the services fees are covered by insurance) with no commitment to us. The purpose of this step is to determine the elegibility of your child, the services needed for the child, determine the therapy setting, and develop a schedule that is convenient for you! Have in mind that we provide ABA, Occupational, and Speech therapies all in the same center, making the day a little easier for you!


       During this step, you will fill out an application for the services, we will determine if you have the necessary paperwork to schedule an Initial Assessment for the therapies (if not, we will work to get all the necessary paperwork with your pediatrician or neurologist and insurance approvals needed to start services, a process that usually takes 2 weeks but up to 1 month depending on your insurance provider). After the Initial Assessment is conducted, your child will begin attending the center for baseline data collection and observation period.

     ​After the Initial Assessment and the baseline data collection period is over, our Board Certified Behavior Analyst will get in contact with you to discuss the plan that was developed for your beloved child, to let you know the areas that will be treated and how they will be treated. After you receive a copy of the Initial Assessment your child will officially begin receiving therapies and will become a part of our growing family. We will also give you access to an online portal where you will see your child's progress and some private short video clips of the sessions.