Join Our Growing Team!

​   ​My Kid Therapy Center is actively looking for individuals to join our team of growing professionals dedicated to improving the life quality of individuals and their families. The positions available to apply are:

​Lead Analysts which include:
         - Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
      - Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA)
      - Florida Certified Behavior Analyst (FL-CBA)
      - Florida Licensed Clinical Social Worker
      - Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor
      - Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
      - Florida Licensed Psychologist
      - Florida Licensed School Psychologist
• Behavior Technicians (RBT)
Behavior Assistants (BA)

* Please note that all individuals applying must have the appropiate qualifications for the job and must also posses a Level 2 Background Screening. You can also contact us to arrange your background screening


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