Welcome to My Kid Therapy Center!

*My Kid Therapy Center has been ranked top amongst Behavior Analysis agencies in South Florida, often exceeding required expectations according to AHCA*

​     At My Kid Therapy Center we specialize in providing personal services to children with autism and their families. We will provide a wide array of proven methodologies and techniques that will depend specifically on the needs of each child, as we know that no two children are the same. It is our commitment and main goal to provide children with the most efficient technique to fully unfold the child's potential and help them have a meaningful participation in life.

What is ABA?

​Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science proven intervention approach for young individuals with disabilities, especially children with autism. The main goal of ABA therapy is to help shape the behaviors by antecedent events and consequences in the environment.



My Kid Therapy Center is an active member of the Autism Speaks Community.